Re-utilizatiin Of crane

Project challenges

When a heavy windstorm hit Abu Dhabi on March 09, 2016, the factories on the coastal area were badly affected. Among them was ASMEF, which saw the destruction of some of its outdoor workshop facilities. Three of its cranes in the marine services area were damaged during the storm. These cranes were part of the critical manufacturing process of heavy fabricated materials required in marine services. To ensure that the marine services facility would be up and running in the shortest possible time, repairing the damaged cranes quickly became extremely important.

When ASMEF called our Dubai office, our local team from the Abu Dhabi office immediately made its way to the site. Their analysis revealed that one of the crane cable trolley of a 50/10t crane had fallen down and was severely damaged. The other 50/10t crane, which was badly hit by the storm, needed major repairs. In another open fabrication yard, a 5t gantry crane had completely toppled over and several of its parts were damaged.

Considering the critical importance of these cranes for restoring the marine services of ASMEF, it was necessary to make them operational as soon as possible.

Solution from Cranedge

We have teams of service specialists stationed in Dubai as well as in Abu Dhabi. We also carry a large inventory of spares at both the locations. During its visit to ASMEF, our team conducted a thorough audit of the cranes to know the scope of the work and to list the essential spares required. Once the customer approved the scope, our team quickly sourced all the essential spares and got the required fabrication/assembly carried out through our associates across the UAE. The scope of work undertaken by our team included,

Crane 1 – 50/10t, 22m span, HOL 25m

The 50t hoisting trolley was replaced, LT motors were changed and new crane electricals were fitted to avoid any possible malfunctioning due to internal damage to the cables or parts

Crane 2 – 50/10t, 26m span, HOL 25m

The damage to this particular crane was less severe and required only changing the wire rope, crane rope guide and LT motors. As a precaution, all the electricals were replaced

Crane 3 – 5t, 11.2m span, HOL 7m

Since the gantry crane had toppled completely, the hoisting mechanism was badly damaged. The crane was fitted with a new hoist, a cable reeling drum, end carriages and LT motors. All the electricals were replaced as a precaution.

Re-utilizatiin Of Assets

Ali & Sons Marine Engineering Factory LLC (ASMEF), is a part of Ali & Sons Group in the UAE that has a long standing of 40 years of serving the UAE and GCC markets. Established in 2009, ASMEF caters to the requirements of the Oil & Gas sector and Rigs & Jack-ups as well as offers Ship Repair and Shipbuilding facilities.

It has one of the largest facilities in the UAE making it a strong, key player in the region. The yard is equipped with a state-of-the-art workshop, repair and building facility. This facility is strategically located in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, and is considered the closest yard to the Abu Dhabi oil fields both offshore and onshore. The yard stretches over 280,000 sq.m with a long waterfront.

How ASMEF benefitted from the Cranedge solution

Our experience and large inventory of spares helped the customer in three significant ways.

  • Genuine OEM spares – Original spares were made available to ensure reliability and performance. It also saved substantial time while providing right solution in a distressed situation.
  • Cost saving – OEM spares and expert support for repair and reinstallation saved a major cost compared to an investment in new cranes.
  • Q uick response – Our strong local presence ensured a quick response throughout the project.
  • Higher safety and reliability – Our expertise of over four decades and expert team ensured that the repaired cranes could perform as well as new ones when gets compared for performance, safety and reliability.
What does the customer say?
Re-utilizatiin Of crane
Re-utilizatiin Of crane
Re-utilizatiin Of crane

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