Cranedge for You

Are any of these situations sounding familiar to you?

  • Invoicing target not met due to crane breakdown
  • Frequent crane breakdowns hampering productivity
  • Quick fix repairs may save the day without eliminating root causes
  • Recurrent breakdowns / chronic problems
  • Inability to diagnose the problem or mis-diagnosis of cause of failure
  • Non-availability of the right spares
  • Safety in the plant being compromised
  • Existing cranes unable to cope up with new production demands
  • Operators are not sufficiently trained to handle your crane

With Cranedge, you have direct access to a team of specialists to provide you solutions for upkeep of your cranes and upraise your plant productivity. As a dedicated crane service organisation with the backing of one of India’s leading crane manufacturers, we are in a unique position to ensure that your cranes are the least of your worries.