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Crane Inspection – Why and How Often?

Crane Inspection – Why and How Often?

Keeping shopfloor safety and productivity as the focal point, it becomes essential for businesses to get their cranes inspected regularly. However, even with these critical points, the value of crane maintenance is evaluated differently by different companies. For some businesses, a production downtime due to equipment failure can severely affect their annual budget, while it may be a minor inconvenience for some. 

Businesses need to understand that regular crane inspections will help them detect the flaws early and allow businesses to plan their repairs without affecting their production schedule with unplanned downtime. Hence, it is critical to get your cranes inspected frequently. 

What Happens in a Crane Inspection? 

A proper crane and hoist inspection includes a crane expert/technician spending a good time inspecting every component of the crane. They ensure that every defective and worn-out part gets detected before becoming a potential safety threat. 

However, when determining the frequency of your crane inspections, expert inspectors won’t suffice; you will need to consider the following factors. 

Factors that Help You Determine Crane Inspection Frequency 

  • The equipment’s age, current condition, and maintenance history are critical in determining when your crane needs an inspection. 
  • Whether the cranes are subjected to constant loads through grab buckets and other various lifting components. 
  • Cranes that always operate near or at capacity and in constant shifts are subjected to massive wear and tear. 
  • Equipment operating in hostile conditions like extreme heat, dust or harmful chemicals experience rapid deterioration of structural and mechanical components. 
  • Operators not properly trained for such equipment are likely to not conform to the operating guidelines and safety measures, putting the equipment under massive stress and wear and tear.

How to Determine the Crane Inspection Frequency? 

Crane Inspection – Why and How Often?

  • To begin with, go through the crane manuals and make a note of the recommended service cycles. For enhanced useful life of the crane, stay within the intervals specified by the manufacturer. 
  • Another way of determining the inspection frequency is by keeping track of the number of equipment and operational failures between two inspections. If the number is two or more, it implies that the distance between two inspections needs to be reduced. 
  • Checking the crane’s components during every inspection for wear and tear and oil levels. 

Why Cranedge? 

At Cranedge, our technicians conduct crane inspections and provide detailed health assessment reports, including expert recommendations that empower you to make informed decisions about the condition of your equipment. Our assessments cover every component of your crane for its integrity and conformity to industry and safety standards. For more information on crane inspections, contact our technicians here.