Crane pendants are an essential component used to control the movements of industrial EOT cranes and hoists. They allow an operator to control the equipment from the factory floor. EOT crane pendants offered by Cranedge are widely popular for their brand, ergonomics and fatigue-free operation.

Cranedge Crane pendants are secure, tamper-proof and have an IP65 rating with softer to operate push buttons. Additionally, its robust insulated design, high impact resistance feature and ergonomic design resist physical damage and offer more comfort to the operator. Low operator fatigue means more productivity on the shop floor.

The elements of the pendant push buttons can also be made available in case of minor damages to the internal components. Our crane pendants are easy to install and replace on the go. A Lock and Key (LoTo) arrangement EOT crane pendants can also be made available on customer request.

EOT Crane Pendant