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Crane Operator Training


Usually, any crane operator is responsible for operating the equipment efficiently and most often they go about doing their job without any assistance or supervision. This needs them to be extra careful and precise while handling heavy loads. The way they manoeuvre such large and heavy equipment and precision with which they handle the loads makes them the most skilful bunch from the whole of the workforce. However, with advanced technology and modern equipment, the need for operator training is coming to light.

The advancement in technology and equipment have ensured that crane-related accidents have become a rare occurrence. However, accidents don’t knock on your door and give prior notice before taking place, so saying that accidents have been completely eliminated – will be an overstatement. Given the current scenario, where most of the workforce is contractual labour, most of the crane-related accidents that occur are attributed to human errors, especially due to a lack of skill. A human error could be anything from a communication lapse or an operational failure, improper maintenance of the crane leading to a snap during operations, or even non-conformance to the safety standards by the operator. Thus, it becomes essential for businesses to include crane operator training to their overall company’s training module.

Why Train your Crane Operator?

Good crane operator training educates the operator to distinguish between normal working conditions and when something could possibly go wrong and needs an alarm. Operator training, thus bring in a host of benefits viz:

  • Safe operations with the equipment are directly proportional to overall safety of the job site
  • It reduces the risk for both the employer and the staff working at the job site and prevents any fatal occurrences
  • A proper training helps the operator to handle the equipment in the right manner, assisting the operator to take educated steps in case of emergencies rather than relying on instincts.
  • It educates the operator about the loads and capacities the equipment can handle at a given moment of time.
  • With the size of the material handling equipment increasing day by day, good operator training will help operators understand how to avoid accidents due to obstructions.
  • Overall, a trained crane operator helps to operate the equipment in healthy condition and ensure high uptime levels for productivity, eventually saving expenses on sudden repairs and downtime.

Cranedge at Your Service!

We at Cranedge believe proper training of the crane operator who is the ultimate user of the crane, goes a long way in ensuring its safe and reliable operations. Our specially designed training programmes & modules are a combination of “classroom as well as workshop training”. It enables operators to ensure safe operations and perform visual checks to identify areas that could require attention. The training programme is ideal for newly hired operators and also to educate the seasonal operators about the new technical updates in the equipment.

Thus, it can be concluded that training operators for the safe and efficient use of a crane is like an investment in the safety of employees and their workplace. It is the easiest and most practical way of reducing your maintenance costs for the equipment. Crane operator training is also the right way to educate them in operating the equipment and responding to an emergency situation while handling heavier loads.