Cranedge Resonates Shop-floor Safety

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Workplace safety is of utmost importance for any assembly unit. Every company tries to eliminate hazards by implementing HSE policies that safeguard the workers & operators on the shop floor. However, the employees must also take care of their safety and adhere to the safety rules laid down by the company. Generally, all industries design their safety guidelines in order to minimize the risk of injury to the stakeholders, may it be customers for a factory visit, workers, operators, or staff members. What they miss is the regular servicing and checking of the equipment they work with. Accidents that might take place on a shop floor, could be due to improper usage of equipment or due to low maintenance of equipment. 

However, sometimes it also happens that in spite of good maintenance, certain equipment with old or obsolete technology, tends to pose a great threat to the safety of the shop floor. Such equipment not only requires good health check-ups but also requires upgrading to newer parts and upkeep with additional enhancers to make work with other modern requirements. Below is one such incident, which explains why safety should be a priority on the shop floor:

Case Study

One of the largest vehicle manufacturers in India well-known for its range of passenger vehicles and tractors faced a security threat in one of its manufacturing facilities near Pune. The plant oversees manufacturing of heavy parts required in the vehicles and operates in 3 shifts. This plant, being set up in the initial years of the company’s operations still continues to use older machinery and equipment for their material handling needs.

One day, during routine operations, a heavy load was being handled using one of their older cranes, when suddenly, the load slipped off and fell from a height of 5.5 meters. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but serious damage was caused to the machinery & the floor which resulted in financial and operational losses. The incident sent immediate ripples within the plant and the issue was informed to plant heads of different units, to take due diligence. This also shook the corporates office as the crane posed a real threat to the shop-floor safety. It was high time for a company, which is known for the its adherence to the highest level of safety standards, took the incident very seriously. A thorough probe was initiated and immediate “why why” analysis was done to find the causes of this mishap and it was decided to consult industry experts. That’s when Cranedge was called in to investigate the accident, suggest as well as implement a foolproof solution as well as under-take health check-ups for other cranes, not only for Pune plant but also for other plants across India. 

Our Solution

The Cranedge team of specialists visited the plant to investigate the cause for the incident. Their preliminary investigation revealed that it was due to failure of the hoisting brake and that it had no contingency measures.  Just to be on the safer side, our team conducted a thorough Health Check-up of the entire crane with structural analysis (FEA) of the main girders and other visual & functional diagnosis.

A complete report on the present condition of every major component of the crane was submitted to the customer along with our recommendations for additional features to ensure higher levels of safety. The additional features included:

  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD): The existing crane being used of older technology; it had slipring motors on existing hoisting machinery. Today, the industry has advanced, and the slipring motor (being almost obsolete) has its own limitations as against the combination of squirrel cage motor and a VFD that offers better control. VFD being more energy efficient, also helps in reducing energy consumption. Considering these aspects, Cranedge modified the hoisting machinery by replacing the slipring motors with a new squirrel cage motor and VFD’s in electrical circuits.
  • Anti-fall System – In case the main brake fails, the crane’s electrical system will immediately trigger as it will detect load free fall and deploy counter measures. Here, the motor will give a reverse torque to uphold the load for few mins by assistance of the VFD. The system also automatically triggers a siren warning to the operator and the people in the vicinity are well informed about the emergency situation. Furthermore, it was suggested to the client that for certain select, critical application cranes, an “emergency brake” could also to be deployed. This critical time interval allows the operator to safely lower and park the load at a safe location. 
  • New Control Panel and Drag Chains – The crane was upgraded with completely new electrical panel housing and VFD’s along with encoders and other circuitry controls alongwith a new robust drag chain system.

Thus, Cranedge provided a quick diagnosis of the problem and a viable techno-commercial solution to the manufacturing plant and instilled a sense of assurance within the stakeholders about the safe operation of the crane in the future. For more such servicing solutions for your cranes, visit

We Do Our Best for a Business Facing a Crane Distress

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We are sure that most of you must have heard of the tragic incidence of Ethiopian airlines which crashed in 2019. Now, we are not going into the scrutiny of the incidence but taking it as a reference to express the importance of a “distress situation”. Some authorities and agencies had published that, the pilots had made a distress signal from the plane, and they were re-directed to land back by the Air traffic controller. The pilots didn’t get enough time to land the plane safely and unfortunately, a lot of lives were lost.

So, what exactly is a distress signal or a situation? A distress situation is a condition of being threatened by an imminent danger and calls for immediate assistance. A distress call takes utmost priority and should be handled by a person of authority and worked upon by specialists.

When it comes to material handling equipments like cranes, it is important that any such distress signals from the operators or maintenance teams should not go neglected. Cranedge was born out of such a commitment of attending any such material handling distress calls for any crane, any brand, anywhere around the globe. Cranedge team is of around 200+ such crane specialists possessing in depth knowledge of various material handling components for any brand or makes. The team, while rendering services to different customers, has also meticulously compiled data of over 35000+ cranes of different makes, transforming it into a large ‘Knowledge Bank’. Thus, we are equipped with all the essentials required to address any material handling related distress calls. One such distress situation is discussed below:

Distress Signal: A Case Study!

A major renewable energy sector company faced a distress situation in the year FY 2015-16. Their plant caught a sudden fire that consumed all of its inside machinery and severely damaged the over cranes as well. The company had commitments towards their customers, and they could not afford to stay sedentary for long. The customers production team was committed to restore back its full production at the very earliest. The entire team at the wind energy producing unit was determined to rebuild the facilities in the shortest possible time and immediately start production. Whatever was to be ordered under Capex, was immediately taken up.

EOT cranes play a vital role in the manufacturing process of blades and towers, as expressed in our previous blog (Wind Energy)

Operating without the cranes was an impossible task. Considering this aspect, reinstalling the cranes was among the top priorities for the company. For this, they had two options – the first was to order completely new cranes, and the second was to explore refurbishing the existing damaged cranes. Considering the condition of the damaged cranes, the client’s production team wanted to rule out the refurbishing option. While assessing the delivery period of the new cranes, they realized that it would take at least 10 weeks of time to manufacture the cranes & start installation at their site. 10 weeks was a drastically long period given the tough situation. In order to meet their delivery commitments to their customers, it was imperative to start production within four to five weeks (maximum).

Thankfully, the manufacturing unit had an AMC for all their cranes with industry experts, Cranedge. Team Cranedge was at site immediately, to assess the damages. While assessing the extent of the damage to the ten cranes, they found that all the cranes were severely damaged barring the steel structure, which needed some modification & painting. Rest all the electrical, hoisting machinery, control circuits were rendered useless. They also understood the dilemma of the customer about being unproductive for long as the end clients were getting hampered.

Our Solution!

The open option for the Cranedge specialists was to refurbish and restore the damaged cranes. Was it Impossible? Not for Cranedge! An urgent meeting with all global network suppliers was called upon at the Cranedge HO and was requested to co-operate and supply the crane kits, electricals, cables & all necessary spares at the earliest. Plans were chalked out, engineers were sanctioned at the distressed plant, schedules were set, and the workforce was planned to start work at the site, round the clock. The parent company, ElectroMech, stepped in to look over the situation & provide assistance wherever required. All necessary spares were despatched on a war footing. The excellent coordination, perfect planning, and hard work of our dedicated team yielded results on Day 15, and four cranes were made operational. The remaining six cranes were also brought to normalcy with equal diligence and speed within the next 15 days.

All the refurbished ten cranes were duly load-tested, certified by authorities & handed over for production within 30 days, as assured by team Cranedge. The production at the manufacturing unit begun operations in full swing.

The customer still has goosebumps when he remembers the situation, but also extends a heart-felt thank you to the members involved from Cranedge – Ultimately, customer satisfaction is the final goal!

A classic example of how the Cranedge team responded to a distress situation! This case deserves special attention from all our readers, that no matter how small or big the distress signal, responding and attending to the situation is the only way forward.

If you feel, your cranes and related material handling equipment needs a ‘specialists’ eye’ to see through the odds, then we are just a call away!


crane part before cleaning


crane part after cleaning


crane part before cleaning


crane part after cleaning


crane part before cleaning


crane part after cleaning

Safety starts with our AntiFall System

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What are falling materials and why are they a cause of worry? – A Case Study

Falling materials are a major concern at any workplace or plant site wherever overhead cranes are installed. Load slippage, mechanical failure, or operator incompetency can all result in serious injuries or fatalities. If loads are not properly secured, the load can slip and land on workers in the vicinity or cause major damage to property. Loads being lifted by overhead hoists tend to be fairly heavy and cause serious damage when they eventually crash to the floor.

One of our prestigious customers and a major Indian auto giant faced one such unfortunate incident wherein the load from a 25t DGEOT crane, slipped and fell from a height of 8 meters. Although there were no casualties, there was some serious damage done to the machinery and there was the loss of property. This incident shook many within the company and posed a real threat to safety at the workplace. The customer is one of the most reputed companies that gives the utmost importance to the safety of its employees, immediately decided to consult one of the best in the business. Cranedge India Pvt. Ltd. with a decade of experience in EOT crane services, was invited for a detailed discussion to understand the reason for the mishap and to come up with an optimal solution to avoid any future accidents.

Crane Specialists at Work!

Cranedge sent a team of crane specialists, who went about their job with an eye for detail. They thoroughly checked the crane, analyzed the site & the application and even interacted with the crane operator and the workers to detect the reason for the failure. Backed by a strong design team, Cranedge came up with a bespoke solution with minimal changes in the existing system. The customer was so impressed with the technical expertise and the approach of the Cranedge team that they decided to place the order for executing the solution on not just one but 10 of their critical cranes at the same time.

Since the cranes were more than a decade old, Cranedge team conducted a thorough check on the cranes to understand the condition of the crane. The crane data were further analyzed with the Design team in consultation with the sales and service team to understand the requirement of the customer and to device a system that was both cost-effective as well as ensured a safe working environment with minimal changes in the existing system.

Our Solution

Anti-Fall system was designed as a safety measure to alert the operator and the workers during the time of emergency. In cases where the hoisting brake fails, an alarm would go off notifying the operator and the workforce about the emergency. At this stage, the system is capable of holding the load for a period of around 10 minutes even after the hoisting brake completely fails thereby allowing the operator sufficient time to park the load at a safe location without having to worry about the load falling down. Once the situation is taken care off, the crane can be maintained and made ready for use once again.

The MH slip ring motors were replaced with VFD suitable squirrel cage motors, New VFD control panels with other accessories were provided, cable trailing systems were replaced with more robust drag chain systems. This system was implemented one by one, on each crane and was made ready for operation in a week’s time.

Though the Anti-fall system proved to be a real boon to enhance the safety of the crane, performing regular maintenance can be one of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of falling materials. Maintenance should always be of paramount importance when it comes to heavy machinery. If a moving part on an overhead crane wears out or breaks the hoist, it can cause serious damage. Performing regular maintenance ensures trouble-free and smooth operation of the hoists and overhead cranes. Cranedge India Pvt. Ltd offers a wide range of crane services that are customized according to the requirement and application of the crane. To avoid human error, Cranedge has also strategically developed advanced equipment’s like RAMON (Rail Monitoring System) for precise inspection & correction of crane geometry & rail alignment and ROMON (Rope Monitoring System) for timely prediction of rope failure.

Must-Have “Safety Enhancers” for Cranes!

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Safety is the key to ensuring an accident free workplace. Though the cranes are manufactured keeping all the safety parameters into consideration, there are products, strategically developed, which further enhances the safety of the equipment and the operator. These safety enhancers try to nullify human errors and reduces the chance of any major mishap due to human negligence.

Cranedge has an array of products and services that help ensure safe, smooth and hassle-free operations of your cranes. These products can be easily be fitted to your existing cranes to experience many new advanced features. They allow the operator to master complete control over the equipment and enhance its performance

The following are an array of safety enhancers offered by Cranedge to our industry:

1.Sway Control

A swinging load can pose a serious threat to the safety of the work force as well the plant machineries. “Sway Control” as the name suggests prevents the free-swinging of the load when the crane is travelling with loads suspended under the hook and keeps them very stable while lifting and traversing. This is obtained by the usage of special components like encoders & a closed-loop system which detects the exact position of the hook & the suspended load under it thereby controlling the swaying of load. It also drastically reduces the time spent in stabilizing the loads, making it a must-have a feature with great benefits for your cranes having a higher height of lifts and larger size loads.

2. Anti-Collision

In several factories, multiple cranes operate simultaneously in the same bay. There can also be a scenario wherein the cranes are installed at different levels in the same bay. This always poses a threat of two cranes colliding with each other due to an error in the judgment of the crane operator. To avoid any such threats, Cranedge offers you the right solutions, with an appropriate Anti-Collision device. The transmitter–reflector duo work in unison with precision, thereby automatically detecting the safe distance, that needs to be maintained in between the two cranes. These sensors can also be synced with flashing alarms to alert the operator of a possible situation.

3. Anemometers & Crane Anchors

Outdoor duty cranes often have to bear the brunt of nature’s wrath. Be it heavy rains or strong wind forces, ElectroMech cranes are designed to stand tall in these extreme conditions. To ensure that during adverse conditions, when crane operation is not safe, Cranedge offers solutions such as “Anemometers” which can detect high wind speeds & trigger an alarm system in the cranes, hinting the operators about halting the material movement, as the conditions may not be safe.

Furthermore, as these cranes are usually gantry cranes used for various construction & infrastructure projects, crane anchors can be used on these cranes. A Crane anchor is a locking mechanism that is fabricated to the crane structure & it holds the crane firmly to its ground. It prevents the cranes from toppling and avoids serious damage to property and life.

4.Human Sensors

Human sensor is an extremely precise piece of equipment mounted on some specific cranes & related material handling products. Unlike the overhead cranes, the human sensors are fitted on ‘legs’ of gantry cranes or semi-gantry cranes, transfer carts or vertical mast of stacker cranes. These sensors can detect any person or object in its path. Once activated, they immediately actuate the brakes thereby stopping the crane.

5.Slip Ring to Squirrel Cage Motors

Several conventional cranes, especially those which are more than a decade old, were fitted with slip ring type motors. Technology has evolved but the industry still uses the old technology as the procured equipment was built as an asset. Replacing the slipping motors with squirrel cage motors offers several advantages. The most significant of them is that squirrel cage motors can be easily paired with VFD (Variable Frequency Drive). By using the VFD controller, you can experience the following advantages:

  • Smooth start-stop, settable acceleration and deceleration values
  • Flexibility in setting micro speed.
  • The jerk-free transition from micro speed to full speed.
  • Brakes get applied at almost zero speed.
  • Enhanced life of brakes and brake liners
  • Ease of connection with other devices within the universal communication protocol

Cranedge has developed an expertise in the replacement of slip ring type motors of several cranes with squirrel cage motors and the customers are experiencing enhanced productivity along with other additional benefits.

6.Load Limiter Display

A load limiter is a safety device that prevents unintentional overloading of EOT cranes, hoists, and winches. A load limiter prevents lifting of the load in the event of overloading (exceeding the safe working load of the crane) and at the same triggers an alarm, making the operator aware of the situation so that necessary steps can be taken to avoid a major mishap.

7. EMote

EMote – A unique feature with hosts of benefits from the cluster of offerings from Cranedge. EMote offers remote diagnostics of crane health and remote support for maintenance. Various sensors and condition monitoring devices fitted on the crane collect and transmit data in real-time & with the facility to store data on cloud/servers. Such data can be easily accessed by the customer and the Cranedge specialists through a portal to make an informed decision about maintenance & upgradation in the crane. Promptly attending to such maintenance issues helps in improving productivity and safety at the workplace.

Thus, to conclude, the above-discussed safety enhancers can be viewed as a boon for any workplace in many ways but the most significant advantage of having them will be to increase efficiency and productivity along with safety on the shop floor.

Crane Operator Training

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Usually, any crane operator is responsible for operating the equipment efficiently and most often they go about doing their job without any assistance or supervision. This needs them to be extra careful and precise while handling heavy loads. The way they manoeuvre such large and heavy equipment and precision with which they handle the loads makes them the most skilful bunch from the whole of the workforce. However, with advanced technology and modern equipment, the need for operator training is coming to light.

The advancement in technology and equipment have ensured that crane-related accidents have become a rare occurrence. However, accidents don’t knock on your door and give prior notice before taking place, so saying that accidents have been completely eliminated – will be an overstatement. Given the current scenario, where most of the workforce is contractual labour, most of the crane-related accidents that occur are attributed to human errors, especially due to a lack of skill. A human error could be anything from a communication lapse or an operational failure, improper maintenance of the crane leading to a snap during operations, or even non-conformance to the safety standards by the operator. Thus, it becomes essential for businesses to include crane operator training to their overall company’s training module.

Why train your Crane operator?

Good crane operator training educates the operator to distinguish between normal working conditions and when something could possibly go wrong and needs an alarm. Operator training, thus bring in a host of benefits viz:

  • Safe operations with the equipment are directly proportional to overall safety of the job site
  • It reduces the risk for both the employer and the staff working at the job site and prevents any fatal occurrences
  • A proper training helps the operator to handle the equipment in the right manner, assisting the operator to take educated steps in case of emergencies rather than relying on instincts.
  • It educates the operator about the loads and capacities the equipment can handle at a given moment of time.
  • With the size of the material handling equipment increasing day by day, good operator training will help operators understand how to avoid accidents due to obstructions.
  • Overall, a trained crane operator helps to operate the equipment in healthy condition and ensure high uptime levels for productivity, eventually saving expenses on sudden repairs and downtime.

Cranedge at your service!

We at Cranedge believe proper training of the crane operator who is the ultimate user of the crane, goes a long way in ensuring its safe and reliable operations. Our specially designed training programmes & modules are a combination of “classroom as well as workshop training”. It enables operators to ensure safe operations and perform visual checks to identify areas that could require attention. The training programme is ideal for newly hired operators and also to educate the seasonal operators about the new technical updates in the equipment.

Thus, it can be concluded that training operators for the safe and efficient use of a crane is like an investment in the safety of employees and their workplace. It is the easiest and most practical way of reducing your maintenance costs for the equipment. Crane operator training is also the right way to educate them in operating the equipment and responding to an emergency situation while handling heavier loads.

M.O.R.E for your Cranes!

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Any industrial overhead material handling equipment, especially EOT cranes, experiences tremendous wear and tear during its operating life cycle. Apart from periodical health check-ups and assessment reports that ensure high productivity and long useful life, your cranes require M.O.R.E!

Business needs change every day and so does the need for newer material handling equipment. However, it’s not feasible to procure new equipments; each time when there is a change in the business requirements. Thus, it becomes utmost essential to reap the best out of your existing material handling equipments without making large capital investment.

Cranedge has developed a range of services that strikes a perfect balance between getting M.O.R.E out of your equipment and meeting the demands of highly competitive business environments.


Cranedge offers the quick and cost-effective ways to keep your cranes up to date with technical advancements. Be it retrofitting of new VVF drives or providing radio remote controls, Cranedge knows how to best simplify modernization of existing cranes with the latest technology.


A thorough technical assessment by Cranedge specialists allows for accurate identification of the corrective measures to be taken to improve the service life of your material handling equipments. Overhauling involves refurbishment or replacement of electrical components, drives, consumables or and other critical components such as gearboxes, motors or rope drums as well. Cranedge also certifies your ‘rejuvenated’ cranes for complete use & provides warranty for the newly replaced components too.


As described above, the material handling equipment is put to test through its various working cycles, thus reducing its overall service life. At Cranedge, our team is well equipped to carry out all types of electrical, mechanical or structural repairs of any make or brand of cranes. Our workshop can handle any sort of jobs which requires a large space and consumes time for structural repairs. All repairs are carried out by an efficient team of specialists, who possess expertise in designing, manufacturing & servicing of cranes & other material handling equipments. In addition, the technical backing by the elder company ElectroMech gives an insight into latest industry practices to restore the cranes to its original or even better conditions.


As a customer’s business expands, the existing infrastructure may not fulfill the challenging needs of growing business. The material handling equipments may be required to be upgraded, as the case may be. At Cranedge, we help a customer achieve this while keeping your budget in check. The expert team of technicians & designers evaluates your existing cranes for the possibility to enhance their load lifting capacity with detailed engineering interventions. We go beyond not simply enhancing the capacity of your cranes, but also relocate them to best suit a customer’s newer process demands.

We just don’t stop at M.O.R.E!

Upkeep & Upgrade

As with any equipment, your cranes too require replacement of parts from time to time. Cranedge helps you identify and install the best quality spare parts. We maintain a healthy inventory of spares & consumables, so that you are never left scouting for a vital component or face project delays. Also, our team of specialists helps you develop customized parts that are not available in the market and are required specifically for your application.

Apart from regular spares, Cranedge also proves to be an expert to retrofit IoT in your VFD enables cranes. Cranedge also supplies a wide range of accessories such as load limiter with displays, radio remote controls and aerial platforms that make owning, running and maintaining your crane simpler.

For any assistance – we are just a call away.

Because Your Equipment Deserves the Best

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EOT (Electrical Overhead Travelling) Cranes forms an integral part of any industry for lifting and moving materials. Like any other equipment, the cranes undergo wear and tear over a period of time because of the laborious tasks they perform. It therefore becomes essential to have a scheduled maintenance program for the optimum utilization of the crane and trouble-free operation without compromising on the safety of the workforce.

What are the major reasons for the disruption of cranes?

1. Regular breakdowns
2. Outdated design
3. Vigorous duty cycles
4. Major mishaps that can occur due to improper handling.
5. Natural calamities.

Thus, cranes need to be regularly serviced & maintained because the breakdown can result in fatality for the work force, company, and eventually the brand.

We, as a professional crane service company are not only dedicated to providing complete after-sales services for a range of material handling equipment, but we also ensure an unmatched service throughout the life cycle of your equipment. Here are a few of them –

RAMON – Rail Monitoring

Track alignment, straightness, and parallelism are extremely important for the smooth and safe operation of your cranes. RAMON is a specialised and advanced crane rail monitoring system, strategically developed by Cranedge. Periodic rail monitoring helps in avoiding situations like –

• Premature wear & tear of wheels and rails.
• Failure of shaft and long travel motors
• Abnormal sound and vibrations.
• Unpredicted crane downtime
• Cost driven repairs or replacements.

ROMON – Rope Condition Monitoring

For long service performance of your crane, selection of the appropriate wire rope and maintaining its health is very important. Wire rope can weaken with overuse and mishandling resulting in breakage or uneven lifting during operation. At Cranedge, we have developed a unique way to check the wire rope. A portable, non- destructive inspection equipment (ROMON) inspects the wire rope for –

  1. Strength
  2. Flexibility
  3. Resistance to abrasion
  4. crushing, fatigue, rotation, and corrosion.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Apart from the regular health checks of your cranes, a structured preventive maintenance plan is also important.
Annual Maintenance Contract helps in upkeeping the condition of the crane. It gives a regular update and helps you to take preventive measures to stay healthy. A similar thing happens with cranes. The health of a crane also depends on its periodical maintenance plan. A well-structured and detailed maintenance plan will ensure proper preventive measures, thereby warranting better longevity.

What is the Cranedge Advantage?

We have developed our Annual Maintenance Contract based on our experience, working with over 6500 cranes to a wide spectrum of industries in close to 60 countries across the world. Our AMCs cover all the crane components which ensures their performance ability at all levels of use

Remote Monitoring of Cranes

At Cranedge, we believe in the power of data. Our team has compiled the data of more than 35000 cranes of different makes and that acts as a knowledge bank for us. All our team members have an access to required data as they are all connected to the CMMS server and thus, they can serve you efficiently in a limited time period.

From retrofitting VFD drives to radio remote controls, Cranedge can offer best in class solutions to monitor your cranes without a need of being actually present at the sight. This offers a lot of convenience. With the ElectroMech expertise, we have devised solutions to monitor the cranes remotely using IoT, advanced electronics and WiFi communications. For instance, in EKK Infra project in Kerala, we had developed a solution where entire system was programmed for automatic sequential check-up which ensured enhanced safety.


EMote is an IOT supported solution that helps in remote diagnostics of crane health. Through this, Cranedge team is empowered to offer you remote support for crane operations – 24*7, at any given location.

All this and more, comes with the Cranedge promise of offering resolution for cranes under warranty, anywhere in the world – Within 48 hours. In our upcoming posts, we would continue to talk more about the crane service offerings and the benefits you would reap by your association with Cranedge.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

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cranes count among the most critical equipment’s for capital intensive industries like Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Steel, Power etc. It is therefore important to have a smooth and trouble-free operation of these cranes to ensure higher availability and uptime resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

A few compelling questions that bothers all the above industries are:

  1. How to prolong the useful life of a crane?
  2. How to ensure optimum utilisation of the crane?
  3. How to predict breakdowns and enhance the safety at the workplace?
  4. How to minimise the total cost of ownership?

The solution to all the above questions lies in ‘Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)’.

Now what exactly is AMC and why are they essential?

In addition to the regular health checks, your cranes require a structured preventive maintenance plan. This plan ensures that cranes provide long and reliable service while remaining in healthy condition. Under AMC, all the major parts and components of the crane are checked to ensure their integrity and ability to perform at all levels. AMC helps in the timely prediction of the health of the parts and components to avoid any undue circumstances leading to crane downtime and eventual production loss.

amc for cranes

How does an AMC help?

  1. Regular maintenance of cranes under AMC helps to prolong the useful life of cranes and you can be assured that the cranes will continue to work with peak efficiency for years without frequent unexpected failure.
  2. Most AMCs provide emergency services, thus in the event of unexpected failure of the cranes, a crane specialist will always be around you, well equipped with essential spare parts thereby saving time and money which results in productivity for your business.
  3. AMC helps you to reduce the cost of ownership.
  4. A crane specialist handling your equipment is essential for ensuring higher availability, higher uptime, lower MTTR and lower MTBF.

Why Cranedge?

  1. Cranedge Annual Maintenance Contracts have been developed based on our experience with over 10000 crane installations across the globe in almost every conceivable industry.
  2. Our wide range of Crane AMCs are customized according to the requirements and application of the equipments.
  3. Covering your cranes under a Cranedge AMC gives you timely inputs on the health of worn out parts, so that you are well prepared with timely replacement and prevent production downtime.
  4. Cranedge AMC covers all types of cranes from an EOT Crane (an overhead crane), a Gantry crane, a Jib crane, forklift to a simple light duty workshop crane. We have a specialised team who possess an in-depth knowledge on cranes to help you find the right solutions.
  5. Cranedge also helps you to develop key performance indicators for your crane based on their operations and performance.
  6. Cranedge has a huge inventory of spares for all types of cranes thus making repair work convenient and time saving.

As Albert Einstein once said, “A clever man solves a problem, a wise person avoids it.” An AMC for cranes does exactly the same, avoids the problems for your business!