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Infrastructure development in India is burgeoning with rapid industrialisation, urbanisation, thrust on irrigation and favourable government policies. At the same time, the sector is witnessing phenomenal pressures to complete projects in a time-bound manner and within limited budgets. Cost pressures on infrastructure companies are increasing and 'sweating' assets is becoming an important area to improve project profitability. Cranedge, a service subsidiary of ElectroMech, strives to provide the most feasible solutions to ensure high crane uptime, enhance crane life, increase safety and save valuable resources like capital and time. This ultimately results in improved productivity, profitability and safety for our customers. Here is a classic case where we have helped a leading infrastructure company to effectively reuse its assets and achieve phenomenal savings in project cost.

About the project challenges

Our customer, IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Ltd., is arenowned name in the Indian infrastructure sector and hasmade water their calling. IVRCL has been awarded the LiftScheme from Thotapalli Reservoir to Gouravelli Reservoirproposed in the Flood Flow Canal, Phase II of the KaleshwaramLift Irrigation Project. This involves pumping and distribution ofwater to the fields of the beneficiary farmers. The projectinvolves constructing an underground pumphouse andinstalling pumps and allied machinery.

Crane purchased in 2008 demonstrated peak performance on earlier project site

The joint venture between IVRCL and Unity, partnered with ElectroMech in 2008 for the prestigious project of an underground tunnel for the supply of drinking water to Mumbai. Electro Mech played a pivotal role through cranes supplied for tunnel mucking and TBM assembly. ElectroMech Double Girder Gantry Cranes were deployed to match the excavation speed of the advanced TBM. IVRCL Unity set a record by achieving two million safe man-hours and maintained zero lost time and accidents in a project of this size and complexity. The boring of the entire length of 8.3 kilometres was also completed in a record time of 180 days. Once the project was complete, the cranes supplied by ElectroMech, having fully discharged their duty, were lying unused in a stockyard.

Idea to reutilise the crane for a new project

The typical life of a crane is close to 20 years. After completion of the above-mentioned project, the crane had about 10 years left for complete depreciation. Kaleshwaram Irrigation Project provided the perfect opportunity to IVRCL to reuse one of these cranes. However, the crane required modifications to suit the new requirements. The major challenge was the new span requirement, which was almost three times the span for which the crane had been originally designed. Besides modification, the crane was also to be relocated to the new site. IVRCL reiterated its complete trust in us for crane modification, erection and maintenance.

Solution from Cranedge

It is a norm in the industry to write off an asset after it has served its purpose in a particular project. However, ElectroMech cranes, by default, are designed for serving on multiple projects. With a perfect understanding of this approach of Electro Mech's, Cranedge provides innovative solutions through engineering interventions, which allow customers to reuse assets and maximise ROI. We also ensure that, in spite of being old, refurbished cranes have a high uptime. In this case as well, a systematic approach was followed considering the new project requirements.

Engineering interventions

  • Crane girder modifications to suit new requirement of 50m span
  • Overhauling and testing of hoisting mechanism
  • Strengthening existing support structure
  • Thorough checking and overhauling of wheels, drives, bogies and connectors, making them suitable for reuse.
  • Checking of existing control panels and other electricals.


  • Significant saving in capital expenditure involved in procuring a new crane
  • Saving of time in engineering and manufacturing a new crane
  • Commitment to resolve any post-commissioning service issue within 48 hours
  • Consultation on utilisation of existing asset
  • Increased service life of the crane


By reusing existing crane after modification through Cranedge, IVRCL has achieved a saving of over 60%.

Original crane supplied in 2008

Crane during modification at our factory, March 2018

Modified crane after installation, October 2018

About Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project

Telangana, a newly-formed state in India has undertaken a massive irrigation project – the largest in the world. With an estimated investment of Rs. 80,000 crores, the project aims to eliminate water scarcity in Telangana, owing to poor rainfall. The project involves digging of 20 reservoirs in 13 districts. Nearly two thousand million cubic feet (TMC) of water will be pumped daily from the Godavari river and its tributaries to fill up these reservoirs. The water will be distributed via networks of overground canals and underground tunnels. This vast water network will also ensure drinking water supply to the large population and regular water supply to industries. To address the challenges of water leakages, evaporation and land acquisition, a large part of the distribution network is underground. Besides, many barrages, tunnels, canals, pumping houses and storage dams are under construction.

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