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Your business needs are likely to change over time and it is not always possible to predict them when you buy equipment for your plant. Similarly, you should be able to reap the benefits that modern innovations that were not available when you bought your equipment could offer. Keeping in mind your desire to have the best equipment and balancing that with the demands of a highly competitive business environment, Cranedge has developed a range of services that helps you get MORE out of your cranes.

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Crane Capability Enhancement

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As your business expands, your existing infrastructure may need to be upgraded and equipment replaced. At Cranedge, we help you achieve this while keeping your budget in check. We evaluate your existing cranes for the possibility to increase their capacity or even slightly alter the dimensions. We go beyond simply enhancing the capacity of your cranes, but also help you allocate and relocate your cranes to best suit your workflow or enhance the capacity of your plant.

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