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Crane Operator Training

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Cranedge rigorously follows the principle that knowledge is power and provides services that go beyond conventional practices. Cranedge have been educating customers with all the best practices on Crane operations and safety through informative Crane operator training programs

Crane accidents which occur on the production floor are often caused by untrained or unskilled operators who mishandle the cranes. An untrained operator may cause a fatal accident or cause extensive damage to the product itself, upset the production cycle ( by damaging the crane itself) or even damage the plant facility.

At Cranedge, we believe that Safety is not optional. Safe operations are a prerequisite to fully exploit the potential of your crane and enhance productivity. Our responsibility does not end with providing maintenance and repair support, but also extends to educating your operations team on all good & safe practices of crane operations.

At Cranedge we value your time, investments and commitments. We have developed Crane Operator Training courses which address the basics of cranes, and the best practices of safe crane operations so that your team acquire an appreciation of the crane components, the crane as a productive equipment & the critical importance of safe and efficient crane operations. With hands on training included in these courses, we ensure that participants achieve their training objectives. Our courses certify your operators and assist them to be a responsible & productive workforce.

This allows you to make the optimal use of your equipment. Cranedge can help you with performance planning, development of crane KPIs and performance reporting for your cranes.

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