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Crane life cycle service include

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crane health assessment report


Regular crane inspection and health check up is essential to ensure maximum operational availability to allow you to utilize the crane as per your production plans & schedule. Cranedge inspection reports help you to identify the crane pain areas, thereby enabling you to undertake proactive maintenance. This will benefit you in terms of operational efficiencies, i.e. Maximum uptime, trouble free operation and make your maintenance team available for taking care of other plant & equipment.

It is extremely important to have detailed and regular crane inspection schedules in place, to enable your cranes to have long and healthy operating life.

Timely inspections help to reduce unforeseen breakdowns, streamline production and meet delivery targets. Crane health inspection is essential in the following situations

A Cranedge health assessment report, along with recommendations from our specialists, will empower you with the right information about the condition of your crane. This will enable you to reach an informed decision to choose the most appropriate plan of action to enhance their safety and operational fitness. These assessments include rigorous and structured crane inspection which covers every essential component to ensure their integrity and compliance to industry and safety standards.

Cranedge has experience of assessment and inspection of thousands of cranes of all major makes and types Such as an EOT Crane (an overhead crane), a Gantry crane, a Jib or a wall travelling crane.To book your crane health inspection, call a Cranedge service centre closest to you.


Annual Maintenance Contracts


Cranedge offers you a wide range of Crane Annual maintenance contracts which are customized according to the requirements of your equipment and a variety of modules to choose from. The Crane AMC’s cover each and every crucial component of your crane in a cost effective approach.

Crane reliability and efficiency often depends upon how well you chalk out your crane maintenance plan. Further, it is of utmost importance to have a competent crane maintenance service provider who can assist you in structuring a solid, preventive maintenance plan. This is exactly where Cranedge expertise comes into picture.

Cranedge's Annual Maintenance Contracts have been developed based on our experience with over 5000 crane installations across the globe in almost every conceivable industry - from food processing to shipbuilding.

Our Crane AMC’s covers all components of your cranes to ensure their integrity and ability to perform at all levels of use. Moreover, covering your cranes under a Cranedge AMC gives you timely inputs on the health of wear parts, so that you can be well prepared for timely replacement, rather than being caught off guard and losing precious production time.

Planning your spares inventory also becomes so much more convenient, saving you time and money.

A Crane Annual Maintenance contract by Cranedge consists of several modules for the customers to choose from, depending upon their requirements. These modules cover every crane make and industry application, whether you are operating an EOT Crane (an overhead crane), a Gantry crane, a Jib crane or a simple light duty workshop crane, you can be rest assured, our technicians will help you find the right solutions.

You can also ask Cranedge to help analyze your crane operations & current performance to develop the key performance parameters for your crane.

Covering your crane under a Cranedge AMC gives an assurance of maximum possible up time and ensures high levels of productivity.

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Other Services


Cranedge has built a valuable knowledge base on what it takes to keep your cranes running optimally. This is a culmination of our hands-on experience across varied applications and on all major makes of cranes.

Our specialists will be happy to help you choose from an exhaustive range of services. They are designed specifically keeping in mind Indian work environments and workplace demands.

other services