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The Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) specialises in engineering and construction of complex infrastructure projects and has executed a large number of India's landmark infrastructure projects. HCC has been awarded some major contracts by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and for the execution of these projects, they require various material handling equipments. One such 25MT double girder gantry crane at their Mundka site, supplied by a European manufacturer was lying unused for several years. When the need for such a crane arose on a new project site, the HCC team intended to assess the possibility of refurbishing and using this crane. Knowing that the Cranedge team of experts is well versed with cranes of all makes, HCC approached us to carry out the task. The Cranedge team first conducted a Crane Health Assessment to evaluate the possibility of reusing the crane by refurbishing and bringing it back to the original condition without compromising on safety and performance.

The Crane Health Assessment report prepared after thorough evaluation and analysis revealed that most of the components were completely rusted and moving components were jammed because of rust and grime. This included key components and various sub-assemblies such as the crab assembly, wheel assemblies for long travel & cross travel, rope drum, lower block, etc. A few control panel covers and the wiring inside the panel was completely missing. The gearbox was in a relatively good condition, but needed cleaning and oil change, whereas the operator cabin was in a completely derelict condition. For refurbishing this crane properly, we decided to bring the key parts such as the crab assembly, long travel wheel blocks with motors and the operator cabin to our Pimpri, Pune factory. The entire work was completed to great satisfaction of the client and trials and tests of major components were conducted in our factory for rigorous performance.

Another factor that demanded attention was that the crane had been supplied by the OEM with motors compatible with 60Hz power supply. However, these kind of motors typically overheat when subjected to the standard Indian 50Hz power supply. On Cranedge’s recommendation, Variable Frequency Drives were added for all motors to avoid overheating.

The HCC team was extremely happy with the solution and services of Cranedge. HCC was able to save a considerable amount of money thanks to the methodical approach and proper engineering solutions from Cranedge to grant a new lease of life to the completely worn out crane. The modification of the existing trolley has resulted in a huge direct saving for HCC both in terms of costs and time. Had HCC procured a new trolley to match the application and fitment on the crane, it would have cost them at least 4 to 5 times more! At the same time, the modification undertaken by Cranedge has saved the customer at least 12 weeks of valuable time which, when calculated over the project time line is a significant and crucial saving.